Don’t Let Anxiety Get Out Of Control

Imagine cringing every time you saw an ad advocating the benefits of dental implants, or even a toothpaste commercial.  There are people who suffer what is know as “dental phobia” that actually do experience negative effects when confronted with anything having to do with going to the dentist.

A phobia by definition is an irrational fear, but to the person who suffers from it the fear is all too real and he will do almost anything to avoid whatever it is that he is so afraid of.  The phobia may be fed by the anxiety that comes from facing an unknown experience like an unfamiliar dental procedure.  It can also stem from a previous dental experience that did not go well.  Whatever the underlying cause, a full blown dental phobia will need to be addressed for several reasons.

An overpowering fear of the dentist will keep the dental phobic from seeking treatment when symptoms arise. The result of this neglect of his oral health will eventually affect the phobics very lifestyle.  When his teeth become discolored for instance, from lack of dental care he may begin to avoid social situations or meeting new people, any situation that might call for him to smile.  

A dental phobic may wind up putting his overall general health at risk as well as his dental health.  He may avoid seeing his health care provider for fear that the doctor will find something that requires prompt dental  attention.

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