Emergency Dental Services

Do You Need An Emergency Dentist In Hickory, NC?

A dental emergency can happen at any moment, rendering you physically disabled due to extreme pain and potentially putting you at risk for permanently losing a tooth. Although your first instinct may be to visit the emergency room, only a qualified dental professional will be able to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are experiencing a dental emergency or simply require the peace of mind know that there is an emergency dentist in Hickory, NC, the team from Compass Dental is here for you!

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can range anywhere from a chipped or broken tooth to one that is knocked-out entirely to a lost filling to a broken jaw. Perhaps you have a severely bitten lip or tongue, or an object lodged between your teeth. Regardless of the unforeseen situation, Dr. Sigmon and his team are fully equipped to perform emergency intervention procedures to ensure a safe and speedy recovery and restore your oral health to perfection.

Our protocol for emergency procedures includes the following:

  • We take ALL dental emergencies. Any emergency to you is an emergency to us.

  • Our staff will do our very best to appoint you within 24 hours of your phone call. Most emergencies are usually seen the same day.

  • We perform treatment the day you come to the office. Many offices in our area evaluate and then schedule treatment or refer – we treat the problem the same day.

  • We have little need to refer our patients. We extract ALL teeth including wisdom teeth and we perform molar root canal therapy, services that most general dentists do not provide.

Consult with Dr. Sigmon today about Emergency Dental Care

We sincerely hope that you will never know the stress of a dental emergency and will only need our assistance with routine and cosmetic care. However, we understand that emergencies happen when you least expect them, and that is why we are always prepared to help.

To learn more or schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist in Hickory or surrounding areas, please contact us at Compass Dental today. We look forward to helping you overcome even the most unpleasant unforeseen circumstances and have your beautiful and healthy smile back in no time!