Sedation Dentistry

We Offer A Full Range Of Relaxation Dentistry, Including IV Sedation

We understand a visit to the dentist can cause anxiety for some people. We can relieve all your fears of shots, drills, and dental procedures with a variety of sedation dentistry options. Fear and anxiety may have kept you away from the dentist for years. You may have had a painful experience in the past. Has fear of another painful procedure has prevented you from even having routine dental cleanings scheduled?

Our Approach to Dental Anxiety

We encourage patients to schedule a comprehensive dental exam, assuring them that it’s an opportunity to discuss any concerns and dental health issues in a supportive and anxiety-free environment, promoting their overall well-being. During this consultation, Dr. Sigmon can make recommendations and review the various sedation options.

What are the Signs of Dental Anxiety?

  • Missed regular dental cleanings
  • Ignored or delayed treatment for problems with your teeth
  • Avoided scheduling fillings, root canals, crowns
  • Consistently and/or presently using over-the-counter medications to deal with tooth or jaw pain
  • Feel anxious about scheduling an appointment


Levels of sedation include:

At Compass Dental, we understand that dental anxiety can be a real challenge for some patients. That’s why we offer a range of sedation options to ensure your comfort and ease during dental procedures. Each method serves a different purpose, and our experienced team will help you choose the one that suits your needs best. Here’s a quick overview of our sedation options:

Topical Anesthetic:

  • Used to numb the surface.
  • Applied as a cream, serum, or spray.
  • Pre-numbs the area before local anesthesia.

Local Anesthesia:

  • Administered via injection.
  • Provides complete numbness within minutes.
  • You stay awake and feel no pain during the procedure.

Nitrous Oxide:

  • Combined with local anesthesia.
  • Inhaled through a mask.
  • Keeps you conscious but relaxed throughout the procedure.

Oral Sedation:

  • Typically Halcion, taken orally before the procedure.
  • Offers an amnesia effect.
  • Levels of sedation can vary, from dreamlike to moderate sleep.
  • You can follow instructions during the procedure.

Sedation Dentistry:

  • Ideal for lengthy procedures requiring deeper sedation.
  • Combines oral sedation, topical, and local anesthesia.
  • Can also include nitrous oxide for maximum comfort.

General Anesthesia:

  • Administered intravenously by an anesthesiologist on-site.
  • Puts you in an unconscious state with no memory of the procedure.
  • Similar to what hospitals use.

We specialize in addressing the needs of patients with dental anxiety, and our dedicated staff is here to assist you in choosing the right sedation method for your comfort. Taking the first step to overcome your anxiety is as simple as calling to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Sigmon is certified and licensed to administer IV sedation as a very affordable option for you. With this option you have the highest level of sedation with the shortest amount of time to take effect. IV sedation methods offer the most control over the level of sedation compared to oral medication. Most patients describe a distortion of time after experiencing IV sedation. Few people remember the procedure, and a one-hour appointment will seem like just a few minutes.

IV sedation is controlled and completely safe. This sedation approach can be used for those requiring extensive dental work with longer appointments, patients requesting multiple dental procedures in one visit, as well as those patients who experience fear or dental anxiety.

We also offer oral conscious sedation, which is a pill you take an hour before your appointment. Your relaxation will increase and anxiety will diminish by the time you sit down in the dental chair.

You will still be aware enough to answer questions from Dr. Sigmon and his assistants. We continually monitor your vital signs throughout your visit. When your appointment is complete, a friend or family member will drive you home. After about an hour, you’ll be alert and back to normal.

You are not totally unconscious, just unaware of the work being performed. This level of sedation works well for those who have a greater fear of being completely “put under.” Conscious sedation works well for most patient anxieties. If you typically have a gag reflex, sedation can help you through your dental procedures.

Our motto for sedation dentistry is, “Don’t worry, relax.” We want your experience to be worry-free and anxiety-free. Patients who have required sedation dentistry are now able to visit us without any sedation assistance. Will our care for your dental anxiety become a turning point in your approach to the health of your teeth? We believe it will. Ignoring or avoiding dental care can lead to other, more serious, conditions. We want every one of our patients to have the brightest smile and healthiest teeth possible. Sedation dentistry and the variety of options we can provide are our commitment to making your visit as comfortable as possible.

Call our office at (828) 322-6226 to determine how sedation dentistry can make your dental visit comfortable and relaxed. Learn more about our services as your dentist in Hickory, NC.