Get Your Smile Back

If you are less than pleased with what you see when you look into the mirror and smile you may want to consult with a cosmetic dentistry specialist.  There are more procedures available now than ever before so that practically any improvement that you have in mind can be accomplished with a minimum of time involved and at a reasonable cost.

When you go to your first session your dentist will want to do an exam and make sure that your overall oral health is good.  Whether your concern is deep staining or if you want to do something about gaping teeth, whatever the case may be your dentist will need to assess the amount of restoration that will be necessary to achieve the result that you are looking

It is very important that you and your dentist are on the same page about the improvements you expect to see from whichever procedure you elect to have.  If you can find an image of a smile that you admire and would like to reflect bring it with you to the consultation so that your dentist will know exactly the look that you’re hoping to come away with.

A cosmetic procedure can make you want to smile again and give you a new outlook on life. Talk to Dr. Sigmon at Compass Dental in Hickory, NC about a simple improvement or a complete smile makeover.  Call the office @ 828-322-6226 to set up a consultation.