Microscopic Root Canal Therapy

Microscopic Root Canal Therapy Unleashed: Redefining Dental Precision & Care

Root canal treatment, also recognized as endodontic treatment, is a meticulous procedure aimed at eradicating infected pulp (nerve) from a tooth’s intricate root canals. By halting the spread of infection, this procedure often spares the tooth from the need for extraction.

The general success rate of root canal treatment hovers between 70 to 90 percent. This outcome is heavily influenced by the complexity of the tooth’s root canal system. The presence of fine root canals with intricate branching patterns poses challenges. Fortunately, the integration of a surgical microscope or dental loupes with high magnification empowers dentists to execute this intricate procedure with unparalleled accuracy.

A Closer Look at the Treatment Process Through a Microscope

The pivotal aim of the treatment is to eliminate infected pulp within the tooth’s root canal. Failing to address this can lead to painful complications, including abscess formation and the potential spread of inflammation throughout the body.

The procedure initiates with the dentist carefully drilling into the tooth’s biting surface to access the root canal. Subsequently, the inner workings of the tooth undergo meticulous examination under the precision of a surgical microscope. This up to 25-fold magnification not only ensures the safe removal of infected pulp but also aids in uncovering concealed root canals, maximizing precision. An electronic measuring device aids in determining the dimensions and positions of the root canals. Once identified, specialized files are employed to meticulously remove the infected pulp. The subsequent steps include thorough cleaning, disinfection of the root canals, and filling them with a biologically inert rubber-like material. Finally, the access cavity created earlier is sealed with a composite filling.

Post-treatment, a period of approximately 12 weeks is allowed for the root canal to stabilize and guarantee its success. Only then is the affected tooth prepared for reconstruction with a partial or full crown.

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment with Surgical Microscopy

At Compass Dental, our commitment to precision drives our adoption of surgical microscopy for root canal procedures. This elevates the success rate of the treatment, ensuring a secure outcome. With vision magnified up to 25 times and the treatment area splendidly illuminated, our dentists operate with unparalleled precision. This approach substantially minimizes the risk of overlooking infected root canals and unnecessary removal of healthy tooth tissue.

Root canal treatment, when guided by surgical microscopy, exemplifies our dedication to offering you the most advanced and accurate dental care. Contact us today to learn more about this transformative procedure and its potential to preserve your oral health and well-being.