Occlusal Equilibration Relieves Imbalance

The “stomatognathic system” involves the joints and muscles of the jaw and the teeth.  Equilibration is making sure that the upper and lower teeth align while the jaw is at rest.  It’s important that all the teeth come together when we bite down so that undue pressure won’t be applied to the same few teeth over and over, causing premature wear and tear.  We may somehow realize that this is happening and try to overcompensate by re-positioning the jaw ourselves.  This could lead to bruxism (the habit of grinding the teeth) and do damage to the permanent teeth.  It could also affect the jaw muscles.

Some repercussions of misalignment can include tension headaches, chipped or broken teeth and receding gums.  Achieving occlusal equilibration often consists of reshaping the biting surfaces of the upper and lower teeth to even them out.  The dentist will make a cast of the patient’s teeth to study and determine exactly where the adjustments should be made.  Then the surface of the teeth will be polished with an instrument designed specifically for the technique.  Patients can feel an improvement in their bite right after the procedure.

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