Restored Confidence For Denture Wearers

As some denture wearers are well aware replacement teeth aren’t ideal. Even though a denture is custom made for each individual patient it will take awhile to adjust to. Slippage often occurs because the denture is not securely attached to anything, it’s basically just resting on the gums. Lower dentures are especially vulnerable.

Many dental patients who have chosen to wear a denture over having implant surgery have done so because of a fear of the procedure or an issue with the cost involved. Now there is another alternative. Smaller diameter implants, commonly called “mini’ implants can be used to fix the denture in place and maintain its stability.

Even though it is supported by a permanent implant the denture itself is attached in a way that makes it easy to be removed by the wearer. Nightly removal and cleanings will be advised. Cleaning thoroughly around both the denture and the fastenings is important.

Being able to smile with renewed confidence and enjoy eating favorite foods again can make a big difference in the lifestyle choices for the denture wearer. Ask your dentist if mini implants may be right for you.

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